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Download 2021 File PES 2017 Professionals Patch Data...

Initially, we downloaded all SINAN records related to leprosy cases from 2014 to 2019, which were converted to a single Comma Separated Values file. This procedure resulted in a 54-column file containing data on 174,871 cases, with each column corresponding to a specific variable reported by Brazilian health professionals about the leprosy cases notified.

Download File PES 2017 Professionals Patch Data...

According to the Brazilian Ministry of Health in 2017, a case with a positive BI result should be considered as multibacillary leprosy. However, doubts arise for cases that are considered to be borderline and close to the tuberculoid pole. Despite the difficulty of correct classification, these cases are generally considered to be multibacillary leprosy [17]. Another important point is related to the high rate of patients with missing or unknown data in the SINAN database. There were 77,628 patients with at least one data item missing, which represents 44% of the total. These data could be essential to improve the accuracy of machine-learning models in which performance is related to the amount of available clean data. This issue reinforces the necessity for developing a better approach for inputting data to the SINAN database as well as adopting good practices for validating these data. Lastly, the part of the form related to clinical aspects is filled out by the doctor, whereas the first part related to patient identification, in a general way, is filled out by the auxiliary staff. The state of Minas Gerais adopted this criterion; however, in other areas, other health professionals might complete the entire SINAN form, even the parts that are supposed to be completed by the physician. The Ministry of Health recommends that the physicians fill out the SINAN, make the notification and the diagnosis, as well as the documentation of successful treatment [17]. 041b061a72


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