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Rodion Horns
Rodion Horns

Nylon Teen Bitches

Teen girls quirky white parachute nylon-silk skirt by DKNY, lined with a super soft viscose jersey skirt for comfort. Sporty and stylish, the overlay has sheer, zipped pouch pockets, bold black stripes on the sides, and a logo printed ruched waistband.

nylon teen bitches

The wide open design of this lunch box for teen girls makes it a cinch to pack in the mornings. The bag is extremely durable and has a 22-pound weight capacity for storing all the meals and snacks you need for the day. Commuters will also appreciate the two mesh side pockets, which are able to hold both water bottles and soda cans.

Ever hear your stomach yearning for lunch around noon? If you have a good lunch box, then you know your next meal is just a few steps away. A lunch box for teen girls is a hand-held container where students can keep their midday meal.

This delicious gift box contains 10 colorfully-wrapped milk and dark chocolate truffles, and doubles as a festive star ornament. This stocking stuffer for teens looks classy, and tastes incredible! These indulgent chocolates are made in the USA.

This leather wallet goes with your teen from high school to their college years and beyond. It has two interior card slots with a slim, pocket-friendly design, and a pull-tab pocket so your teen can grab what they need quickly. You can even add a few crisp bills before putting it into their stocking. Not sure yet? Check out more cool gifts for boys.

This might sound dorky, but having batteries on hand after opening all those cool gifts is a good thing. (Consider this your reminder to add them to your list!) They might not be glamorous, but trust us, your teen will appreciate this 10-pack of three-volt lithium coin cell batteries for their watch, key fob, calculator, remote control or other small electronics.

Soft, supportive and flattering, with an eye-catching criss-cross style in the back and a longer crop length for extra coverage, the Aura sports bra makes your teen feel like a million bucks in the gym or in the dance studio. The bra comes in 19 color combos and pairs with matching Aura shorts or joggers. 041b061a72


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