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Sogou Pinyin [2021]

Change ibus to fcitx, follow this page to finish the configuration. (Although this page tells you to install google pinyin, you don't have to. We already installed sogou pinyin. And if fcitx icon doesn't show up on your top bar after rebooting, I suggest you just switch between ibus and fcitx several times, and reboot everytime.)

Sogou Pinyin

If it doesn't work, google pinyin is really a good substitute, which I am using. I did take some time how to set up Sogou on Ubuntu 20.04, but this Sogou doesn't support use English punctuation while inputting Chinese. Google pinyin support this well.

Install fcitx.Fcitx is an input method framework. Linux' sogoupinyin is based on fcitx, so we have to make sure it is installed. You can do so by firing up a terminal with SHIFT + ALT + T and typing:

Install Sogoupinyin.Then run the installer file sogoupinyin_xxxxx.deb that you have downloaded from the Sogou website. It will open the Software Center of your Ubuntu installation and ask for your root password.

Restart your machine.You are good to go. After the restart the fcitx-autostart should be called upon login. Alternatively, simply run fcitx-autostart from the terminal with the same effect, but give it a second or two for the startup. You will then be able to configure sogoupinyin in a way similar to the Windows or Mac versions of the software.

u.Hi, basically you need to add ppa:fcitx-team/nightly,then update fcitx in your linux distro, last install the deb package downloaded from official website. If you see a black box when switching to sogou pinyin input, you will need to install xcompmgr as well, and make it auto start. I have include a thorough guide in my blog, you are welcome to check it out and leave comments if it doesn't work for you.

Sogou pinyin for linux is joint development by Sogou Inc. and UbuntuKylin. The version took one and a half years to development. Add new support wubi input method and symbolic feature. We make adaptation and fix bugs on UbuntuKylin 19.04 and UbuntuKylin 19.10. Currently, Sogou for linux running in UbuntuKylin have same effect comparison with windows native.

- there are some pronunciation differences between the Beijing and Taiwan standards, so sogou would force you to input Beijing standard pronunciation rather than Taiwan. (granted the number of pronunciation differences that is not just a difference in tone, are few).

Some HK users like me prefer 裏 but it doesn't mean that 裡 is not used in HK or not listed in the suggested list provided by sogou. If the user keeps choosing 裡 it will probably be on the top of the suggested list.

You're right that you can "retrain" sogou. But I think it's annoying having to do so (especially if you entered an entire sentence, and you have to manually go back and change a couple of characters spread throughout the line), and also you need to *know* what the differences are.

Changed Bug title to 'RFP: sogoupinyin-installer -- Sogou Pinyin Input Method installer' from 'ITP: sogoupinyin-installer -- Sogou Pinyin Input Method installer'.Request was from Bart Martens to (Tue, 18 Sep 2018 16:24:03 GMT) (full text, mbox, link).

The following page provides details on the application and list of hostnames associated with the domain. The list of notable hostnames that were detected come from not only DNS requests, but also HTTP headers, TLS certificates, DNS hinting, and other deep packet inspection methods.

One caveat here: payments from Google are mainly cash, counted as net profits instead of revenue that requires a significant amount of investment in R&D and sales. In other words, by bundling its browser with instead of other search engines, Sogou is nurturing its own search engine at the cost of short-term profits.

In MS Windows world, no other Chinese input method could be better than Sogou pinyin. Chinese language support is a huge pain for Chinese Linux fans. I kept waiting for a Linux version of Sogou pinyin and this is the day. Check out the website:

细胞词库 -> uncheck 启用细胞词库自动跟新 to avoid notification of auto updating of sogou pinyin. Currently there is no way to disable the notification. you can close auto update to avoid distraction 041b061a72


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