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Choice Drakh

Agent Vinod Utorrent

In the Dasht-E-maadar desert in kotha Afghanistan, inside a Taliban camp, ISI official Col. Huzefa is interrogating a captured man presumed to be a RAW agent. The man gives details of RAW's operations in Afghanistan in exchange for money and safe passage across the border. He betrays his colleague, Major Rajan, who has also infiltrated the camp. This is only a ruse, as both overpower their captors and fight their way out of the camp. Along the way, they rescue a girl called Farah.

Agent Vinod Utorrent

It turns out that a group of rogue ISI colonels are planning an attack on India. In Morocco, Kazan locks the detonator with a password, and hands it over to Colonel, who has arrived in Morocco. Iram finds out Vinod is a RAW agent, both agree to work together to prevent the nuclear device from falling into the wrong hands. 'Colonel' captures Ruby and asks her to reveal the whereabouts of Agent Vinod. Vinod is attacked and admitted to a hospital. He clears his way out of the hospital to find Iram.

The film was banned in Pakistan as it made references to a section of ISI's involvement in Jihadi groups and terror activities.[32] To this, Khan responded, "This is a realistic kind of a thriller. We have shown that there are some negative elements in Pakistan towards India and their Censor have a problem showing that. We have shown a few most-wanted criminals, those that are harboured in Pakistan, which is a known fact. May be they have taken offence to that. But ultimately we want a RAW agent to win and baddies to lose. If they are uncomfortable with that then they should publicise the fact that they are banning Agent Vinod in Pakistan".[33]


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