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Watch Gossip Girl S04E06

The Gossip Girl website was under construction when Serena and Blair returned from Paris and debuted "never before seen technology" when it returned.[67] It is revealed that Juliet is working with her brother to take down Serena, for unknown reasons.[68] Vanessa gets caught in the middle when Juliet sets her up for stealing Serena's phone and sending an incriminating email. Vanessa later leaves town when only Dan believes her, but tells Juliet to watch her back.[69] After Blair ran Chuck's new girlfriend out of town, he pledges war against her.[70] They later decide that it is best for both of them if they end their fighting after Jenny posts on Gossip Girl the reason why she left town.[71] In the next episode, at Blair's 20th birthday party they kiss and have sex.[72] Both Nate and Dan still have feelings for Serena,[73] but do not know what to make of her mixed signals.[74]

Watch Gossip Girl S04E06

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For those of us who watch the hit show Girls on HBO, which follows the lives of four young women living in New York City, starring Lena Dunham as Hannah Horvath and Allison Williams as Marnie Michaels. We have followed the girls on their rollercoaster ride throughout the six seasons and now know via an announcement made earlier this year by Lena Dunham, that their journey is soon coming to an end with season 6 officially being the final season of Girls. To celebrate our love of the show Girls we are counting down our Top 20 locations from one of our all-time favorite series. 041b061a72


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