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Rodion Horns
Rodion Horns

I'll Fuck You When....m4v

Seriously though, could you imagine trying to fuck Mickey Mouse? All those shrill constipated giggling noises and the ears constantly staying in copyrighted place despite all the stretching? I sure could.

I'll Fuck You When....m4v

[Wikipedia] Love hotels are mainly rented by couples for an hour or so; get in a quick fuck, take the free shampoo and vanish. However it usually works out cheaper to rent a room for the whole night, and for tourists booking online this gets even cheaper. [/Wikipedia]

Happy to say that pushing your head through those big puffy novelty clown vaginal lips feels just as fucking fantastic as ever. Sliding Sujiman Kupa Lolinco Crystal Hard slooowly down over your cock is such a fist-clenching burst of stimulation, my god.

I actually discovered a really good method for drying a tight onahole. Take a thin dowel or knitting needle, and wrap a paper towel around it as tight as you fucking can. A lot longer and thinner than a finger, so a lot more gentle. Stick it in and squeeze the hole so all the moisture will get into the towel. Never ripped an onahole since.

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