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Grunge Textures Pack Torrent !!INSTALL!!

A comprehensive set of high quality repeating, non-repeating and grunge textures installs automatically with Texturino. Additional free and original textures are made available via your Astute Graphics account page. Plus, you can easily import your own PNG images to use as textures!

Grunge textures pack torrent

Do you have instances where you need to incorporate a hint of grunge to shapes, backgrounds, or typography? This pack of fifty free distressed textures is the perfect way to elevate any design compositions in any editing software program. Each texture is also one-of-a-kind and handmade, created in-house by experimenting with India ink and acrylic paint.

Even if your design is not explicitly a zine, you can use these images in a multitude of applications: social posts, web layouts, print art, and more. Any time your composition warrants a splash of grit and grunge, these textures are the way to go.

We created this pack of thirty-one free block print shapes and textures to bring a hint of linocut to your digital designs. Each element is one-of-a-kind and handmade, created in-house by carving out linoleum and stamping onto paper.

Grunge or more commonly known as the Seattle noise is the type of music known to the world. Music is the only art form which helps one get comforted as soon as they hear them. Music is also known as the art of life. There are many people out there who can simply not move an inch without music. It is music that drives them to feel good about their lives or do their usual work with zeal or in the best possible way. While many music lovers exist and many music types also exist in the world such as contemporary, classic, modern, rock, alternative, hip hop, R &B, jazz and finally grunge and many more. Grunge (Grunge Texture and backgrounds)is the type of music that is the actual noise of a guitar. Grunge actually originated from hard rock or alternative punk rock made from instruments such as guitars (electric and bass both) and drums etc. Grunge has evolved over the middle 1980 and since then has become increasingly famous over time. With the evolution of grunge, grunge lovers have also been demanding for their love to be available in different inspired templates over the web. They are hence widely available over many different websites which have great high quality packs and sets of vectors available in all formats. Of course there are many other types but the main types of templates are given below.You can also see Cardboard Texture.

With a size of 6000 x 4000 px and a resolution of 300 ppi, these textures can be used in many different projects. They were made using black paper sheets that have been carefully folded, crumpled or scratched for unique grunge looks, and then scanned at high resolution to retain as many details as possible.

This pack consists of 40 grungy and creamy paper textures. The wide variety should work for different projects. You have textures such as old grunge, watercolor, and cardboard. The backgrounds are all available in JPEG, but you also get four polaroid PNG frames as a bonus.

You can either download it straight from Cubebrush or download the torrent. I've included a half resolution download as well. For those who don't need the full resolution. Full res download is 11.5 GB, low res is 5.4 GB. Note: For the high res textures you'll have to use the torrent.

I've put in a lot of effort to ensure the quality is MUCH better and more consistent than the previous pack. Sharper textures, better perspectives and calibrated colors to name a few things. I was also a lot more strict in removing undesirable textures.

Enter, a huge database of high-resolution textures that spans an incredible range of building materials. These images are suitable for use in SketchUp, 3d Studio Max, Maya, Blender and many other rendering and graphic design packages. You can download up to 15 images for free every day, but if you need more or bigger images, you can purchase a credit pack or a subscription.


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