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TNAFLIX is dedicated to making Porn Safe. We have full time staff that screen videos all day, as well as Image Recognition Technology that assist in age identification. We also work directly with many of the CyberCrime divisions of the word to safeguard the rights of our users. No system is full proof, so if something does slip through our multi layer security system, we are grateful for your help in alerting us about it.THANK YOU!

THe church of Christe hath had this custome of all antiquitie, ye the actes of Martyrs haue ben faithfully set down in writing, & namely their death, their confession of fayth, their disputing & refutation of the doctrine of the aduersaries. The reading of such histories did serue to confirme the faythfull in the faith, & to stirre them vp to the imitacion of the cōstancy & vertue of those personages. As we reade ye same to haue ben obserued by S. Luke in the narration of S. Stephens death: & of all the other persecutions done sens against the church, the selfe same diligence hath ben followed euen till our time: wherin our Lorde hath had worthy members a great nūbre that haue for his name sake suffered death, & namely in our countrey of, Fraunce, first by forme & order of iustice, and by sentence of the Iudge to the [...]ath of fyre the most cruell & horrible yt may be deuised, then afterward by murders committed without controlement, & last of al by ye vnnatural slaughters lately [Page] executed through out ye whole Realm, wherof the trwe & faithful histories shal in tyme to come beare witnesse, signifying to posteritie how God hauing at the first but cropt as it wer certain first fruts of his field, thought good now in these later dayes to make a great and plentifull haruest of his chosen. In lyke case if ther haue ben any treason, reuolt, or notable breach of fayth committed by any one during the tyme of those persecutions, men haue not ben slacke in noting such accidences, to serue for an admonition to the faythful to consider with them selues and to tremble at the dreadfull iudgements of God, especially when those that committe such faults be publike persons, and in some respect notable. The fal of whom as it is a proofe of a horrible vengeāce of God through the which they haue ben abandoned, so is it a very violent temptacion to shake the weake consciences and therewithall to draw a great multitude to the same perdition. And no doubt the rage of the cruell enemies doth not geue so dangerous a woūd to ye flock of Christ, as doth such treachery and infidelitie. [Page] Moreouer if ther haue ben ani one of the church, that hath by gods grace preuēted the hands of the murderers that he hath not fallen into them, or if ther haue ben any apprehended and yet escaped thens without hauing eyther suffered or committed any euil, the fauour of god in that his deliuerance ought not to be buried in silēce, but to be published to assure others to put their confidence in him that can drawe fourth his owne out of all perills, as much as he knowes to be expediēt for him so to doe. Of these thrée sortes, there are at this day many examples in the extreame calamity of the present persecution full of crueltie and falsehood, wherof in tyme the trewth shall be knowen & published. But as for me, I hauing ben of that miserable and pestilent secte thorough my fall & offenciue denyall, wherin I laye wallowing a long tyme: now after that God hath geuen me grace to come again to my right witts, I will my selfe be the historiographer of the detestable cryme that I haue committed, describing it according to the trewth and as it happened: then afterward noting the [Page] circumstances, I wil assaye to make confession of the enormitie and grieuousnes therof as much as in me shal be possible. Finally whē ye shal set before your eyes this writing (Dearly beloued brethren and readers of this pitifull discourse) I beséeche you that through christian compassion ye doe helpe me to féele to the quicke such an offence, and, in as muche as good may be drawen from euill, that ye doe take instruction by my example.

Behold my brethren the tragicall and miserable discourse of my fall, treachery, and rebellion ageynst my God, wherein there are so many circumstances yt make it offensiue and detestable, that whē they are now presented before myne eyes, I doe not thinke all my whole lyfe sufficient to acknowledge and comprehend the same as it ought to bée. There is not any one at this daye among so many thousands ye doe ageynst their conscience honor to that Idole, but he ought to confesse that he doeth offend god horribly in dishonoring hym by that means, and in worshipping the creature in steade of the creator. And although there bée none but maye allege weakenesse and infirmitye in thys acte, (and in déede it is not [Page] likely but that many doe beléeue in their hart that which they are compelled to doo outwardly) yet notwithstanding yt their allegatiō can not serue for an excuse, but rather for their condemnation & reproch, because it is to sette God behind himself, to loue more this transsitory life than the glory of God, it is to feare those that can kill the body, and not him that can caste both body and soule into euerlasting fire. To cōclude, it is plainly to renounce Iesus Christ before that ouerthwart & bastard generation. What may one saye of mée then, who haue not only ben of the Church of God, a partaker of those gracious blessings that are there distributed, but also haue therin borne the most honorable rancke, preaching the gospell there more then ten yeare, that haue ben of on of the goodliest congregatiōs of al Fraūce, the which within this foure or fiue yeare hath not ceased to furnish to God an innumerable multitude of witnesses, by ye murders & bluddy flaughters so often cō mitted wherof the inhabytants haue yet their handes died and their hartes swilled with innocent blud? Alas what imaginations [Page] should now enter into ye minds of those poore wretches yt yet remayne, whē they shal hear of this yt I haue done? Is it not as if I did condemne ye cause for yt which so many godly men haue suffered? what a trouble of conscience haue I putte into the hartes of those yt did before time cōfort them selues vppon ye death of their Parentes and frinds praysing god, who had done them this honour to suffer for his name? Now are they grieuously tempted to mistrust the vprightnesse of the cause, because they can not bée resolued on the opiniō that men ought to haue of the honorable death that so many godly Martyrs haue abiden through the crueltie of Antichrist & his Supposts. Héere behold an inestimable iniury done to the dead (of whom the memory ought to be blessed for euer) to the liuing, & to Christ him self for whose treuth they haue shead their blud. And if I had long abidden emprisonment, honger, darkenes and rough handeling, & that to conclude this frayle flesh ouerwhelmed with so many miseries, had made the spirit to yelde & stoupe to such persecution, it might wel haue sauered [Page] of some humane fraylty, to haue moued compassion thereof. But I at the very first rumour of the slaughter resolued to saue this myserable lyfe to dissemble yea & to renounce the treuth. Trew it is yt not long before my minde was something disquieted touching the personall succession of the Church. In so much that I stode in doubte whether it were not a dangerous matter, to depart frō ye church of Rome in the which I founde this succession. Neuerthelesse this is the trewth, that as sone as I had intelligence of that which was bruted, the feare of death, the loue of this lyfe and commodities therof seruing their turne of this my trouble of mind, caused me to yeld more force thervnto then the thing required: Insomuch that I was cleane out of tast with that doctryne in generall, which for al that, I neither did nor could doubt of. But I lost all will and inclination to confesse and maynteine the same: And albeit that I had rather haue escaped out of ye Realme (as in déede I had prepared my selfe ther vnto) thā to haue stayed ther any longer, & yt of myne own méere disposition without [Page] any maner of cōpulsion, I had neuer the affection to bend my selfe against the doctryne: Yet notwithstanding I was vtterly discouraged to take in hande the defence of the same, & I rather tooke this resolution, to doe what soeuer was offered me at the instant to cleare me of al suspectiō euery wher wher I shuld passe. So the great and righteous Iudge did not fayle on his part to handle me thereafter. For hauing ben so many yeares together taught by him the nature of the Gospell of his sonne, which is called the word of the crosse, it had ben my part, to haue ben ye more and more assured of my vocation, and of the trewth of his Church, because I sawe the crosse continew still, and the persecutions to grow dayly more violent. But perceyuing the affliction to excéede the measure that I would haue prescribed to GOD, I fell to doubte, not of the doctryne in it selfe, but of the Church in the respect of the personall succession. For this cause GOD did iustly deliuer me to the desyer of myne owne harte, to committe a faulte not onely foule and detestable, [Page] but also cleane sounding ageynst reason and mans iudgement: that is to say: to immagine I had some reason not to confesse a trewth whereof I was fully perswaded. Others that fal by infirmity doe acknowledge that they doe ageynst that they ought to do, in inpugning & deniyng a knowen and vndoubted trewth, but I toke it to be a pointe requisite in my self to speake ageynst mine owne conscience, and ageinst ye assured knowledge of mine owne harte. Thus in the iudgement of God those that thinke them selues wyse are prooued fooles: neither did god in this beginning suffer mée to scape awaye so lightly, but sithens I would néedes dally with him, thinking that I should be easely set at liberty, he payed me the iust reward of my first leudnes and treachery, punishing ye former offense by later enormities as ye haue vnderstoode. The first prancke of my deloyaulty was that I did shewe my selfe not a hyreling that doeth Abandon hys charge when hée séeth the Woulphe come, but I was my selfe a Woulphe yea & a rauening Woulphe, scatering and dissipating mine own propre [Page] flock. For I wrote immediatly to the principalls of that assembly where I had ben, admonishing them to acknowledge, & follow the church of Rome: I dyd the lyke to myne owne famyly which I had before instructed in the feare of God: and my little children consecrated to Iesus Christ, were by this meanes plonged in the popish filthy polutions, to prostrate them selues before the Idole of Idoles. Being thus foundred in this first quagmyre, I ceased not to wade from euill to worsse: and after I had betrayed myne owne flocke, myne owne flesh and bones, and the little young imps that God had geuen me, no maruell, if I played so lamentable parts towards others. Neyther then did this false dealing of myne kéepe it selfe within these bounds. For I was brought to Paris to be tyed as a carthorse to the Charet wher Sathan sate in triumph ageinst the mēbers of Iesu Christ bringing them after him conquered and captiues. These two young princes buds of the flower de Luce royall, vertuously and faythfully instructed in the doctrine of the trewth, consecrated to the glory of [Page] God, called to be nurces of the Church, of whome she might one day hope for some comfort & perfection, wer by me diuerted from the trew reformed Church, brought (as touching their persōs) to go to Masse, and consequently to set vp ageyne & restablish that cursed Idolatry within the places and lymits of their dominion & seigneury. To be short, they were by me deliuered vp as it wer, to the tyrannical clutches & grypes of Antichrist, to sweare obedience to him, and to make war ageinst the children of God. For although they had great occasions to shrink: considering the murders that they sawe committed, the practises that wer vsed to terrefy thē: and although that the brute was already spread that they went to Masse, yet had they continewed pure and constant vntil my arriuall. Wherfore ther is no doubt, but that my tongue trayterous & vntrew to my God did more preuayle with them, then all the threates, dangers, and horrible slaughters which they hard and sawe dayly before theyr eyes: whereof also, if they be now wholly changed with a willing mynde to persecute the Gospell, [Page] (which God forbid) I am alas the principal cause. If they do yt which they do ageynst their will, they may chiefly laye the faute in me, for that payne and anguish of mynde wherewith they be tormented. 041b061a72


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