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Stranded Deep: A Thrilling Survival Game with Custom Maps and Mods - Download for Free

Stranded Deep Island Download Free: How to Survive and Thrive in a Tropical Paradise

Have you ever dreamed of being stranded on a beautiful island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean? Well, maybe not stranded, but at least having some fun and adventure while trying to survive. If so, then you might want to check out Stranded Deep, a survival game that puts you in the role of a plane crash survivor who has to deal with harsh elements, scarce resources, and dangerous wildlife.

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Stranded Deep is a popular game that has been in Early Access on PC since 2015, but it was recently released on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One as well. The game features crafting and exploring mechanics that allow you to create tools, shelters, and vehicles, as well as scavenge for resources and hunt for food. The game has beautiful graphics and a realistic day-night cycle that affect the gameplay and the environment.

But how can you get Stranded Deep for free? Well, if you have a PC and an Epic Games account, you're in luck. Stranded Deep is currently available for free on the Epic Games Store until December 29th, 2020. All you have to do is log in to your account, go to the store page, and claim your copy. You can then download and play the game as much as you want.

But before you dive into Stranded Deep, you might want to know some tips and tricks that will help you survive and thrive on the island. In this article, we will share with you some of the best advice that we have learned from playing the game ourselves. We will cover topics such as how to craft essential items, how to find water and food, how to avoid or fight dangerous creatures, how to explore other islands and shipwrecks, how to use mods and custom maps, and more. So without further ado, let's get started.

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Tips for Surviving on the Island

Stranded Deep is not an easy game. It can be very challenging and stressful at times, especially if you're not prepared or experienced. That's why we recommend following these tips that will help you survive on the island.

Follow the tutorial and take it slow

The first thing you should do when you start playing Stranded Deep is to follow the tutorial. It will teach you how to craft basic tools and items, such as a knife, an axe , a spear, a fire pit, and a shelter. It will also show you how to check your stats and manage your health, hunger, and thirst. These are vital skills that you will need throughout the game, so pay attention and practice them.

Another important tip is to take it slow and not rush things. Stranded Deep is not a game where you can do everything at once. You have to plan ahead and prioritize your tasks. For example, you might want to focus on finding water and food first, before exploring or building. You also have to be careful not to overexert yourself or get injured, as these can affect your stats and performance. Remember, survival is the key, so don't take unnecessary risks or waste your resources.

Craft a Water Still ASAP

One of the most important resources in Stranded Deep is water. You need water to stay hydrated and healthy, as well as to cook food and craft items. However, water is not easy to find or obtain in the game. You can't drink seawater, as it will make you sick. You can drink coconut water, but it will also make you sick if you drink too much. You can find water bottles or jerry cans in shipwrecks, but they are rare and limited.

That's why you should craft a water still as soon as possible. A water still is a device that collects and purifies rainwater using solar evaporation. It is one of the most reliable and efficient ways to get clean water in the game. To craft a water still, you will need the following materials:




Palm Frond4


You can find lashing by cutting fibrous leaves from yucca plants or young palm trees. You can find cloth by looting crates or shipwrecks. You can find palm fronds by cutting down palm trees or harvesting them from fallen ones. You can find rocks by picking them up from the ground or breaking large rocks with an axe.

Once you have crafted a water still, you will need to fill it with fibrous leaves or palm fronds to produce water. You can then drink from it by interacting with it. The water still will also collect rainwater automatically when it rains, so make sure to check it regularly and refill it when needed.

Avoid Dangerous Creatures

Stranded Deep is not a peaceful game. There are many dangerous creatures that can harm or kill you on the island and in the ocean. Some of the common threats are sharks, snakes, boars, crabs, giant squids, eels, lionfish, and more. You should be aware of these creatures and avoid them as much as possible.

However, sometimes you might have to face them or fight them. In that case, you should be prepared and equipped with the right tools and weapons. For example, you can use a spear or a bow to hunt or defend yourself from animals on land or sea. You can also use traps or bait to lure or distract them.

You should also know how to deal with different types of injuries and ailments that these creatures can cause. For example, some creatures can poison you, bleed you, infect you, or break your bones. You should have bandages, antidotes, antibiotics, splints, and other medical supplies ready in case of emergency. You should also check your status regularly and treat any wounds or illnesses as soon as possible.

Tips for Thriving on the Island

Surviving on the island is not enough. If you want to have more fun and challenge in Stranded Deep, you should also try to thrive on the island. This means expanding your horizons and improving your skills and abilities. Here are some tips for thriving on the island.

Explore Other Islands and Shipwrecks

One of the best things about Stranded Deep is that it has a procedurally generated world that is different every time you play. This means that there are many other islands and shipwrecks to explore and discover in the game. Each island has its own biome, resources, animals, and secrets. Each shipwreck has its own loot, such as crates, barrels, tires, engines, propellers, fuel tanks , and more. Exploring other islands and shipwrecks can give you many benefits, such as finding more resources, items, and blueprints, as well as unlocking new achievements and challenges.

However, exploring other islands and shipwrecks is not easy. You will need to build a raft and navigate the ocean, which can be dangerous and unpredictable. You will also need to manage your inventory and storage space, as well as your fuel and water supply. You will also need to mark your home island and remember your way back, or else you might get lost or stranded.

Therefore, you should only explore other islands and shipwrecks when you are ready and prepared. You should have a sturdy and spacious raft with a sail or a motor, as well as a compass, a map, a watch, and a GPS device. You should also have enough food, water, and medical supplies for your journey. You should also plan your route and destination carefully, and avoid traveling at night or during storms.

Build a Smoker and a Snare Trap

Another way to thrive on the island is to build a smoker and a snare trap. These are two devices that can help you preserve and automate your food production, which are essential for long-term survival.

A smoker is a device that can smoke meat and fish to prevent spoilage. Smoked meat and fish can last for much longer than raw or cooked ones, which can rot or attract flies. To build a smoker, you will need the following materials:






You can find lashing, stick, and cloth by following the same methods as before. You can build a campfire by using sticks and kindling. O


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