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Rodion Horns
Rodion Horns

Tachospeed Key (7 Downloads) - Zedload

tachospeed serial rar will save your data in the tachograph's chart. you can import it into your spreadsheet using the import button on the top toolbar. once you import it, you can click on it and it will display the data for that chart. there is an option to select what to do with the data if you wish to get it into a csv file or a pdf file. you can do this by clicking on the button on the top toolbar.

Tachospeed Serial Rar

you can import data from excel and then export it to tachospeed. you can export to csv file. in excel, you just select the data and click on the button on the top toolbar and it will export to csv. you can also import data from tachospeed and export it to excel. there are three buttons on the top toolbar. the first is import data which imports the data from csv or excel files. the second is export data which exports the data from excel and csv files. the third is export to excel which exports the data from excel files.

when you import the data into tachospeed, you will see a list of the files that you have imported. you can drag and drop the files into the chart. you can also select files and drag them into the chart. you can select multiple files and drag them into the chart.

in this tutorial i have used 3 wire 12v dc fan (d60sh-12) from yateloon electronics. this fan internally contains a small hall-effect sensor to aware how fast the fan blades are rotating. here we can use this sensor output and interface with arduino to serially print rpm value. it has red wire for +vcc, and black for ground supply finally the yellow gives signal output. pull up resistor gives strength to the signal and may connected to external micro-controller.


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