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Long Neck Turkish Baglama Saz Strings TRL bouzouki bulrush in minstrel reed rush season sooty thatched then.References in periodicals archive? Custom Electric Saz SES Share Share on Facebook Tweet Tweet on Twitter Pin it Pin on Pinterest.fabio Jul 05, Sorry, the content of this store can't be seen by a younger audience.Come back when you're older.In almost every region of Turkish folk music, the most commonly used instrument is a seven and nine stringed , wooden string instrument with a width of about two octaves played with a plectrum.It is estimated that the word Long Neck Saz was first used in the 18th century.The name of the instrument is thought to be inspired by the connection of the curtains and wires on the handle.The most used types of long neck saz are more than one type; cura, collapse, dombra, two-wire and tanbur.The tuning pattern varies greatly depending on the region in which it is performed.The long neck saz consists of three main parts; boat, chest, handle.The boat part is usually made of mulberry tree.However, in addition to mulberry tree, juniper, chestnut, walnut, hornbeam is also made from trees.The chest is made of spruce and the stem is made of hornbeam, white hornbeam or juniper.The smallest and thinnest sound instrument of the long neck saz family is Cura.Tanbur is a bit bigger than Cura and it gives an octave thick sound than Cura.It gives an octave thick sound relative to the tanbur.We need to know which auger is connected to which wire in order to be able to make the long handle black pattern binding accordion.Note names are used for reference only.The reference notes are used only to know the difference in sound between the wires Bottom, Middle, Top.The decision sound is indicated before the binding is tuned.After specifying the decision sound, the wires are tuned according to the decision sound.The decision is made according to the voice of the artist, the voice, the binding, the ear, and other situations.Also make sure that the environment is quiet when tuning the long neck saz, and then try to tune your device starting with the desired wire group.Continue until the letter appears on the device for the desired decision.Bottom wires: B or C Center wires: E or F Upper wires: A or B.The person who plays the long neck saz must determine the style of music he will play and decide which long neck saz he will use, the person who will play the long neck saz should know and decide on the long handle and the short handle, but it will be healthier for the beginners to start playing with the long handle.hello i have a Cura but i dont know how to tune it could you tell me how please? Frets For Turkish Baglama Saz SSF MORE QUESTIONS. Turkish Long Neck Baglama Saz CSL Selective Dissemination of Information For standards information tailored to meet your needs, SAZ endeavours to keep its customers informed of newly published SAZ standards international, regional and foreign national standards, contact our Information Centre for SAZ catalogue of Standards This annual publication lists Zimbabwe national standards and contains a subject index to facilitate document identification.Subject listings These are tailor-made lists for specific standards e.Copyright Users of Standards Association of Zimbabwe Standards are reminded that copyright subsists in all SAZ publications.Search for:.Quick Links Standards Catalogue Training Calendar Certified Companies Draft Standards Procurement Notices Vacancies Conference Facilities Newsletter.Follow us on Social Media [FBW].


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