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Where To Buy Products For Online Business

For example, golfers are well-known for investing hundreds or even thousands of dollars to lower their score by a few strokes. This is why knowing your target market is key. Commoditized and niche products can often be the best route to go when choosing products to sell online.

where to buy products for online business

Eric Bandholz started Beardbrand as a blog discussing business and sales strategy. Slowly, his passion for beards crept into the blog. Over time, he turned his passion for the bearded lifestyle into a separate and successful ecommerce business selling beard grooming products.

Moorea Seal is another example of someone who turned their passion into a successful online business. In 2010 Moorea, a full-time artist living in Seattle, became self-employed through various creative pursuits: blogging, running her own jewelry business, freelance illustration, and graphic design.

If you already have an established online store with a bit of traction, you can see what customers are saying about your existing products. Are there any trends or interesting bits of feedback you can use as inspiration to develop your next product? Pay special attention to shortcomings and complaints being shared.

Do you have an existing interest in a particular industry or product category? Check out related items or products that customers frequently purchase together in that niche. Amazon is a useful resource for this, as there are several locations where the site displays product affinity.

Choosing the right product or product category can be instrumental to your success when choosing to sell online. The products you choose will shape your entire business, from marketing to shipping to pricing to further product development and line extensions.

Social media, for instance, should be a no-brainer when it comes to marketing your brand. Create a Facebook Business Page or Instagram profile that highlights new product listings or customers who use your products, and include links that lead back to your online store.

In many instances, these are unique, one-of-a-kind or handmade products, making them some of the most popular items bought online. Niche products are often made in small batch runs or on demand. Think of a unique beaded necklace, a collectible antique, handmade frozen yogurt, or a leather iPad case.

However, store owners can also sell a combination of commoditized products and niche products to increase their profit margin. Offering only commoditized items, especially if they are popular products sold on major online marketplaces like Amazon, will make it extremely difficult to become successful.

By offering both niche and commodity products, they are able to better serve their customers by making their online store a convenient choice for consumers looking for a single store to buy both types of products.

Bliss, founded in 1996, began its business as a modern spa in NYC. They sought out to revolutionize skincare by introducing ingenious products to the market and cultivating a sense of community with their customers.

Before brainstorming your product, think about which markets are already competitive and which markets have the potential for growth. Consider what markets where you already have a presence or a passion, and go from there. Utilize tools like Google Trends or Google Ads Keyword Planner to see what products and services are trending and how big the market is for your niche.

Luckily, there is a plethora of SaaS ecommerce platforms on the market that allow merchants to sell products online for a set monthly fee, regardless of how technically skilled you are. Or, if you have the coding experience, you can go the open-source route and build your online store from scratch.

And as of recently, brands also have the option to build a shoppable storefront on TikTok through the Shopping tab. TikTok users can now add the Shopping tab to their business profiles, where they can sync their static product catalog and allow customers to make purchases straight from the app.

However, selling on eBay is a great opportunity to reach a global audience, and the platform offers an intuitive, user-friendly interface where merchants can list products and build out their store in just a few clicks.

Compared to other social platforms, where the influence of the user or brand may hold more weight, Pinterest allows merchants to focus more on putting out great products and less on building their personal reputation. In fact, 77% of weekly Pinners have discovered a new product or brand on Pinterest.

2. Niche products: Goods or services that serve a specific customer base and product category. In many instances, these are unique, one-of-a-kind or handmade products, making them some of the most popular items bought online. Niche products are often made in small batch runs or on demand.

The process of building an online store will likely look different from business to business, depending on your goals and objectives. However, here are 7 steps to take before launching your ecommerce brand.

From ecommerce platforms to online marketplaces to social media channels, there is no shortage of websites to sell products online. But the kicker is finding the one that best suits your business and targets the right audience.

Plus, some of the smartest online businesses take a multichannel approach, selling their products across multiple websites to reach a wider audience. Not only can you utilize your own online store, but you can also sell across sites such as Instagram, Walmart Marketplace or Amazon.

If you are interested in starting an ecommerce business, I put together a comprehensive package of resources that will help you launch your own online store from complete scratch. Be sure to grab it before you leave!

No, Amazon is primarily an online retail platform and marketplace, not a wholesale vendor. However, Amazon does offer a wholesale program called Amazon Business for business customers to purchase products in bulk.

Steve Chou is a highly recognized influencer in the ecommerce space and has taught thousands of students how to effectively sell physical products online over at His blog,, has been featured in Forbes, Inc, The New York Times, Entrepreneur and MSNBC. He's also a contributing author for BigCommerce, Klaviyo, ManyChat, Printful, Privy, CXL, Ecommerce Fuel, GlockApps, Privy, Social Media Examiner, Web Designer Depot, Sumo and other leading business publications. In addition, he runs a popular ecommerce podcast, My Wife Quit Her Job, which is a top 25 marketing show on all of Apple Podcasts. To stay up to date with all of the latest ecommerce trends, Steve runs a 7 figure ecommerce store,, with his wife and puts on an annual ecommerce conference called The Sellers Summit. Steve carries both a bachelors and a masters degree in electrical engineering from Stanford University. Despite majoring in electrical engineering, he spent a good portion of his graduate education studying entrepreneurship and the mechanics of running small businesses.

Hello I just started an online shop in Czech Republic and want to do the drop shipping is there any way you can help me fill the categories on my website with products and I want to do business with you.

Hello Steve, nice article, your article has relieved my headache. I just started an online shop in Czech Republic and I am trying to find my way into the market. Currently I am looking for products to fill in categories of the site and want to do drop shipping as well. I am a foreign student there though. Any help any suggestions? I will appreciate that. Thank you

Hi Steve, I must say your articles have been pretty insightful. I have been so lazy about starting my own online store. Each time i get to a stage, I am just overwhelmed by some fear and I stopped. I have hosted a website but got stuck with where to find my products. I just abandoned the whole idea for about a year now. My worries are getting the right suppliers and quality. I hate my job so much and life was becoming a drag. I need help with starting up urgently.

This article is very useful, it helped a lot of viewers to get insight knowledge. Am currently living in china and been doing export business for quiet a long time. My advice would be not to trust easily some online companies when it comes to suppliers as you can find lot of small companies in Alibaba with fake accounts and ripping off newbies.

Hey Family. I am in the process of starting a online business where I will be selling church clothing. I am seeking wholesalers that are dropshipers of ladies dresses, hats, etc. and men suits, shoes, etc that can be worn to church services, church events and work. Thank you in advance.

I am fairly new to selling. However, I joined an app where the took 20% and paid the shipping and the rest you cleared was yours. This has really help me decide what I would like to do dor a living. I would like to open my own online boutique. However I dumb to the entire process from building the website to finding suppliers to fill my store. If any one who has been there done that and succeeded and can point me in a good direction to start please email me

Hi, I have a body products business which includes me purchasing body oils and essential oils.. My domestic supplier isnt that reasonable and is causing me to not have that much in profit. Any suggestions with a supplier that I can use for this? Thank you in advance 041b061a72


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