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Rodion Horns
Rodion Horns

Legend Of Zelda Monopoly, Collectible Tokens And Power Cards _HOT_

This Nintendo Super Mario Bros. edition of the Monopoly Game offers action-packed excitement! Choose from 6 collectible tokens designed with the Super Mario Bros. enthusiast in mind: Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Toad, 1-UP Mushroom or Super Mushroom. Players buy, sell and trade locations from the 8 worlds featured in the classic 8-bit version of the 1985 video game. The game features Block and Warp Pipe cards, the game board spaces and Title Deed cards feature levels and Goal Poles and Castles replace houses and hotels. This edition includes 60-minutes speed play rules for those who want to play a shorter version of the game.

Legend Of Zelda Monopoly, Collectible Tokens And Power Cards

The Monopoly Legend of Zelda Collectors Edition heavily utilizes the Zelda theme from the six collectible tokens to the famous locations from the game. There are deku sprouts and deku trees for houses and hotels and the cards players draw are an empty bottle and treasure chest.


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