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Watch Randeep Hooda and Kajal Aggarwal in Do Lafzon Ki Kahani, a 2016 Hindi Romantic Drama (Full Movie Hd 1080p)

Do Lafzon Ki Kahani Hindi Full Movie Hd 1080p: A Review

Do you love romantic dramas with a twist? If yes, then you might want to check out Do Lafzon Ki Kahani, a 2016 Hindi movie starring Randeep Hooda and Kajal Aggarwal in the lead roles. The movie is about a former boxer who falls in love with a blind sculptor, but their relationship is tested by a shocking revelation from their past.

Do Lafzon Ki Kahani Hindi Full Movie Hd 1080p

In this article, we will review the movie in detail, covering its story, performance, direction, music, reception, and criticism. We will also tell you how to watch the full HD movie online on ZEE5 or YouTube.

The Story of Do Lafzon Ki Kahani

The movie revolves around Suraj (Randeep Hooda), an ex-boxer who works as a debt collector for a gangster in Malaysia. He lives a lonely and guilt-ridden life, haunted by his past mistakes.

One day, he meets Jenny (Kajal Aggarwal), a cheerful and talented sculptor who is blind due to an accident three years ago. Suraj is instantly smitten by her and starts helping her with her daily chores.

Soon, they fall in love and decide to get married. However, Suraj discovers that Jenny's blindness was caused by him in a car accident that killed her parents. He was driving under the influence of alcohol and ran over them.

Suraj is shattered by this revelation and decides to hide it from Jenny. He also learns that there is a possibility of restoring Jenny's eyesight through a corneal transplant, but it costs a lot of money.

Suraj decides to earn the money by returning to boxing, despite his serious injuries. He also keeps lying to Jenny about his job and his involvement in the accident.

Will Suraj be able to save Jenny's eyesight? Will Jenny find out the truth about Suraj? Will their love survive the test of fate? Watch the movie to find out.

The Performance of Do Lafzon Ki Kahani

The movie boasts of some impressive performances by its cast, especially the lead pair.

Randeep Hooda delivers a powerful and nuanced performance as Suraj, portraying his inner turmoil and emotional conflict with conviction. He also underwent a physical transformation for his role, losing 18 kgs in 28 days for the boxing scenes.

Kajal Aggarwal is equally impressive as Jenny, playing her character with grace and charm. She convincingly portrays a blind person, using her expressions and voice to convey her emotions.

The chemistry between Hooda and Aggarwal is palpable and realistic, making their romance believable and touching.

The supporting cast includes Mamik Singh b70169992d


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