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Quick Video Recorder V1.3.1.8 [Pro] APK [Latest]

[AppDeals]: The [AppDeals] tab allows users to quickly and conveniently download various third-party apps. In addition, you can also find updates on latest exclusive deals, discounts, and recommendations tailored to you (*Not available for Windows 10 S)

Quick Video Recorder v1.3.1.8 [Pro] APK [Latest]

Learn to work with the Chroma Key and Green Screen options like a professional video maker. Also try out many preset options to quickly make your movies, MVs, and personal viral videos. Enjoy making quick yet beautiful slideshows. The list goes on. Feel free to learn more about its features and functionality as you dive into the app.

To start with, Android users in Motion Ninja can comfortably work on their videos, thanks to many provided tutorials on different uses of the mobile app. This will quickly introduce you to its features and allow you to easily understand and make your creative editing. At the same time, thanks to the keyframe video editor and animator, users can quickly and effectively create their videos using many useful tools. Find yourself relatively comfortable with the mobile app and enjoy many of its basic features.

Get ready to create your professional Hollywood-grade movies on your mobile devices, or have fun making funny videos for your social channels. Either of which, you will always find Motion Ninja to be more capable of creating those amazing content. And thanks to the accessible presets and quick features, you should find the app to be extremely easy to use and accessible.

Fixes:- Speed optimizations for fast short strokes- Visual improvement - smoother strokes with size and rotation variations- Brush Creator panel -> Tip Tilt curve editor -> "Use Precise Tip Tilt" - to get smoother strokes when using pen tilt- Better NanoPixel image export for 2x2 scale- Fixed crash when the application starts and gains focus too soon- "Save as .psd" generates a valid thumbnail when NanoPixel is used. (Still doesn't work for transparent artworks.)- Fixed glitches when using multitouch for canvas rotation and panning- Switching between desktop and tablet mode is fixedChanges:- New manual with the latest changes: Rebelle 6.0.8- Mixing Palette - Paint, Blend tool is not mixed with background color- Mixing Palette - brushes have hard edges to prevent mixing with the background- Mixing Palette - changing the Paint tool "Opacity" makes glazing strokes- Mixing Palette panel menu -> "Background Color" to change the background color- Timelapse video recording can be started directly from "New Artwork"- When opening previous artwork with timelapse recording, the application will ask to continue- Record Time-lapse panel has two buttons - "Start / Stop Recording" and "Record Settings"- Color Set panel menu -> "Create Color Set from Text File" can use "TAB" instead of "space"- Layer color adjustments when the canvas is hidden: Preferences -> Color -> Hidden Canvas Color Settings

My cameras: Sony A7SiiiMy Lens: Sigma 14-24mm f2.8 Art E-mountMy external recorder: Atomos Ninja VGimbal: Zhiuyn Weebill-SMy drone: Mavic 2 ProThis was my official first time using the Atomos Ninja V on a real estate shoot, and the results were mind-blowing!! It should be easy to make this house look good, but filming in Prores 422 and the HLG picture profile on my Sony A7Siii, with my Sigma 14-24mm f2.8 - the end product was simply gorgeous.I hope you enjoyed this sample video of what using the Sony A7Siii and Atomos Ninja V on a real estate shoot looks like. I would HIGHLY recommend for anyone considering to "up" their video game, QUICK!My cameras: Sony A7SiiiMy Lens: Sigma 14-24mm f2.8 Art E-mountMy external recorder: Atomos Ninja VGimbal: Zhiuyn Weebill-SMy drone: Mavic 2 Pro


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